What if I get a notification that my daughter has missed a class but when I call her, she says she was there?

First, run through this Class120 checklist:

  • Did the student bring the smartphone to class?
  • Was the smartphone charged throughout the class time?
  • Was the Class120 app installed on a compatible smartphone?
  • Has the student signed into the Class120 app on their phone and approved their class schedule?
  • Were the “location services” on the device set to the “on” position?
  • Is the correct class building, date and time designated in the student’s Class120 class schedule?
  • Is the student’s phone bill in good standing or has the phone reached a set data limit?

If these items do not appear to be an issue, there may have been a technical issue with geolocation services at that particular class time based on the location of the smartphone, the number of cell carrier towers and Wi-Fi hotspots in that area or other variables outside the control of Class120.

Check to see if your wireless carrier is having an issue in your area. 

If you have more questions on this topic or if this issue occurs more than once for the same class, please contact support@class120.com.    

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